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[Wednesday -
November - 30th
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[Thursday -
April - 7th
[ mood | complacent ]

hearts make me smile (:

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[Friday -
March - 18th
[ mood | curious ]

So as i'm sitting here.. listening to music.. talking on msn... playing runescape... ii just wonder what the hell i am doing with myself. This isn't slightly in the least an emo post about myself, but more of a reflection on what i've done since i've left my fiancee.

I understand know why i had to leave and have not one slight regret about leaving, but what i do not understand is how life changes so much. To put things into prospective here... my life used to be about cooking, cleaning, working and about my ex. These days its all about having a good time, drinking, work and partying. I'm not saying its a bad thing, just weirdddddd. The adjustment of all this, that is.

Of course after leaving him, i hoped in with another guy was just fun at the start then it got too serious too quickly.. and it had to end. But saying goodbye to the very thing that got me through my break up with jesse and doing it all on my own, was hard for a week or two.. but now its much easier. I think i'm finally adjusting to living on my own. I didn't think it was going to be like this although.

But,, (theres always a but...) i am finding company in other guys.. in particular guys i know i wont find any emotional connection to. Is this normal after being in a serious relationship?? Who knows.. but then again what is normal these days...

Future.. what is it? How does one think about the future when the future was supposed to be with someone else? Everything i have planned my life out to be is the complete opposite to what i thought it would be. (not that this is a bad thing...  and i still want the things i wanted before.. just not right now) so in saying this.. dealing with this new found freedom.. what do i do with myself?? 

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So today, [Sunday -
March - 13th
I have realized it is not leaving someone you love behind that is the hard part, but indeed adjusting to life without them that is the hardest part. For whatever reason, whether you left them or they left you, its the adjusting part that gets us all.
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So.. [Sunday -
March - 13th
I have come to a point in my life where i am truly finding out what really does matter and what really doesn't matter. (although sometimes i know that it doesn't matter; but doesn't mean i can not let it matter).
So basically i need somewhere to write my random thoughts on life; my words of wisdom (most would probably call it rambling) instead of clogging up my facebook account with it, it would be better suited here, i think!
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I got engaged :) [Tuesday -
June - 1st


We are getting married in October :)
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well... [Monday -
February - 15th
I have just turned 21 :D
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wooo [Wednesday -
February - 10th
im 21 tomorrow..... how scary im getting so old.
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Does everything in life happen for a reason? [Tuesday -
February - 9th
Must we go through so much pain and heartache, just to be happy? Is it so we appreciate things so much more? Or is there even a thing called happiness? Or is it just a happy-medium place we need to  be? Are our expectations too high in life, so much so the only way is to succeed and if we fall, we feel we have failed our self and everyone around us?
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Hey everyone.... [Tuesday -
October - 13th
Does anyone use this anymore =)?
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WOW been 1 and a half since ive been on here!!! [Sunday -
June - 22nd

 Its beeen soooo long!

Also a long time since ive even had the internet. Which is a good thing. Lifes sweet.

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[Tuesday -
February - 13th
[ mood | irritated ]

I'm finally 18!!!!!!

The end.

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Friends Only.... Comment to be added...... [Sunday -
February - 13th
[ mood | peaceful ]

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My lj is 'friends only'. Just comment to be added.

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